Like most Dutch yacht manufacturers, WIM van der Valk shipyard prefers steel and aluminum alloy as a structural material, and in this segment of the vessels has gained extensive experience in its more than half a century history.

The founder of the company WIM van der Valk, a passionate lover of yachting and water sports, founded it in 1967, and began to build a typical Dutch yacht with a length of 7 to 10 m with aft cabin in the full width of the hull. In the 70s, the shipyard already has a series of popular models, and the first-class quality of construction brought WIM van der Valk fame at home. International success came in the 80s: yachts were valued for their excellent driving performance and progressive design. In addition, aluminum and steel hulls lose much less in the resale price, and many customers of Wim van der Valk rightly assessed their yachts as a good investment.

Classic Dutch design was revised in the 90-ies with the release of a series of Continental I. Having the same typical Dutch yacht large aft cabin with a porthole in the transom, this series stood out for its elegant lines, similar to the products of the Italian and British competitors. Continental and today remains the Foundation fleet Wim van der Valk, although shipyard in cooperation with design Bureau Guido de Groot Design developed and other series of: Flybridge, Pilot House, Explorer, Expedition. The latest addition to the model range — flybridge series Beach Club (design-Cor D. Rover) with ultra-modern lines, no longer reminiscent of the Dutch classics.

The size range of Wim van der Valk ranges from 15 to more than 36 m, and most models (displacement and semi-displacement) are built in both steel and aluminum housing, depending on the goals of customers. WIM van der Walk yachts can demonstrate both transoceanic range and high speeds for their class (up to 25 knots), thanks to the equipment of Volvo Penta IPS speakers. The possibilities of personalization of yachts Wim van der Walk this is not limited. Metal hulls allow you to create a completely individual layout of the interior space and even extend and expand the body itself, which is impossible for yachts made of fiberglass, which are made in the matrix. The interior, systems and equipment are also carried out in accordance with the personal requests of the future owner.

The shipyard earned its solid reputation in the world primarily due to its semi-serial yachts. And for those who appreciate the absolute uniqueness, Wim van der Valk can build non-serial yachts on an individual order.

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