The Italian shipyard Sanlorenzo was founded in 1958, then under the name Cantieri Navali San Lorenzo near Florence, and in 1972 the production moved to the Tuscan city of Viareggio — the historical center of Italian shipbuilding. The modern history of the company began in 1985 with the appearance of the first production model SL57: it is the yachts of this type — high — speed, with a body of fiberglass-made the name of the shipyard famous.

The model range was constantly expanding, and the boats themselves grew: in 1995, the SL100 model was released-almost an incredible 100-foot serial yacht for those times. In 1999, production moved to Amel, near La Spezia. At the same time, the controlling stake of the shipyard is acquired by Massimo Perotti — the current owner, Director and generator of the most daring ideas of the shipyard. Shortening the name to Sanlorenzo Spa, Perotti started a large-scale development of production and model range.

In 2007, the second shipyard in Viareggio was opened for the construction of larger ships, and not only from fiberglass. At this time, the legendary model 40Alloy with the body and superstructure of aluminum, received awards World Superyacht Awards and Show Boats Design Award, as well as a line of SD — a series of semi-displacement yachts with a composite body and a large power reserve. Massimo Perotti sensitively caught the trend of the market: it was then that the buyers of yachts began to worry more about not high-speed quality, but the ability to make long Autonomous transitions. A little later, the decision to occupy a niche of expedition yachts turned out to be just as true: more and more people tend to travel not in popular places, but to explore new distant waters, including the polar regions. The first Explorer with steel hull Sanlorenzo 460Exp shipyard presented at the exhibition in Monaco in 2015, and in 2018 there debuted the second model of the expedition series — 500Exp with a helipad. At the same time, Sanlorenzo builds steel custom yachts up to 70 m long and develops a line of SX-yacht crossovers that combine the features of explorers and classic flybridge yachts, which is expressed in the abundance of space and the ability to keep large tenders and water toys on Board.

With an abundance of models, the shipyard delivers to customers no more than 45 buildings per year: each yacht is built with an individual layout and interiors. To do this, Sanlorenzo collaborates with the world's leading designers, including Francesco Pashkovski, Mauro Micheli and Piero Lissoni. In addition, at the request of the customer, the yacht Sanlorenzo can be equipped not only with traditional diesel engines, but also with a hybrid diesel-electric installation: for each model, a modification of E-Motion is developed.

Thanks to the experience, excellent quality of construction and the most individual approach, Sanlorenzo Spa firmly occupies a leading position in the twenty leading manufacturers of yachts longer than 24 m.

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Sanlorenzo 64Steel
Sanlorenzo 52Steel
32 300 000
Sanlorenzo 500Exp
27 500 000
Sanlorenzo 44 ALLOY
26 100 000
San Lorenzo SD 122 Anas...
7 480 000
Sanlorenzo SL106
32.20 m
7 700 000
San Lorenzo 106
32.00 m
6 950 000
Sanlorenzo SL96
29.10 m
5 500 000