Shipyard "PRESTIGE"

The Prestige Yachts series emerged in 1989 as part of Jeanneau, one of the largest yacht manufacturers in France. Until that moment, the shipyard produced only sailboats, but then decided to engage in the motor yachts segment. In 1995, together with the Jeanneau parent company, the brand became part of the Beneteau French yacht group, and in 2010 it became an independent company as part of the Beneteau Group.

From the very first models and so far, the Prestige yacht design has been developed by Genoa-based Garroni Design Studio. The yacht production eventually moved to Italy as well, although originally the Prestige yachts were built in France. Starting with the very first 41-foot model, Prestige yachts quickly gained popularity, so that by the end of the XXth century the capacity was not enough and a new site was built especially for the Prestige near Nantes. 10 years later, a new production was opened in the north of Italy, in the town of Monfalcone near Trieste.

Prestige Yachts owes its success to many factors. And if at first one of the main advantages was the competitive price, then later this list has seriously expanded. With the entire production capacity of the Beneteau Group, the company has made great strides in innovation. One of the important advantages of the Prestige is its lightweight, durable and voluminous hulls, allowing to expand the living space on board. It is also achieved due to Volvo Penta IPS speakers, which are more compact and produce minimal noise and vibration, consume less fuel and provide ease of control. All this makes Prestige yachts convenient and practical to use, providing them with well-deserved popularity in the market. Especially given that Prestige Yachts provides a 7-year guarantee for structural hulls components, and for other vessel’s components - from 3 to 5 years, a guarantee that not every shipyard can provide.

The Prestige’s interiors are designed with an emphasis on functionality and comfort, and large-scale hull and superstructure glazing makes them very bright. Prestige models have repeatedly received the most prestigious yachting awards, including the European Powerboat of the Year and the Motor Boat Awards.

The Prestige Yachts lineup from 42 to 75 feet (12 to 23 m) in length includes flybridge and sport yachts with a hardtop, as well as the Sportfly line combining the advantages of both types. All of them are distinguished by well-designed layout and comfort, and can be operated in different climatic zones - from the tropics to much more northern waters.

Yachts "Prestige" in sale

Prestige 750
22.58 m
1 750 000
1 699 000
Jeanneau Prestige 60
19.50 m
590 000
Prestige 620S
19.50 m
870 000