The Italian Overmarine Group, better known as the yacht manufacturer Mangusta, was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Balducci and is still managed by this family. Initially, Mangusta yachts were associated only with the Maxi-Open class-a specific segment, which includes large open-type yachts capable of developing a very high speed. Subsequently, following the trends of the yacht market, the shipyard added to its model range Mangusta Oceano-a series of displacement yachts, not fast, but with a transoceanic power reserve (more than 4000 nautical miles).

Production facilities of Overmarine Group are located in the" capital " of the Italian shipbuilding Viarregio, where the company has 8 plants at once. Unlike many Italian shipyards that outsource the production of hulls to subcontractors, Overmarine manufactures the hulls of its yachts independently, testing them in the most modern test pools in cooperation with leading experts in the field of hydrodynamics. Safe achievement of high speeds (40-50 knots) for yachts of such sizes (22-50 m) is technically a very difficult task, so Mangusta has almost no competitors in its segment. Overmarine has been developing and implementing the most advanced technologies for the design and construction of high-speed yachts for decades, and each of them (during the existence of the shipyard, more than 300 hulls have been launched) can be modified in the field of planning and design to the owner's taste.

The rapid aerodynamic lines of the high-speed Mangusta yachts belong to the "Peru" designer andré Bachigalupo, and to achieve high speeds on the largest models in the engine compartment of the yacht are installed not two, but four powerful engines with water cannons.

New production facilities in Pisa allowed Overmarine to successfully enter a new segment of aluminum and steel yachts. Initially producing yachts from composite materials, the shipyard subsequently developed a series of Mangusta Gran Sport with hulls of light aluminum alloy 33-54 m long. the First of them — El Leon (Mangusta Gran Sport 54) — debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show in the autumn of 2018 And later went to the Caribbean, becoming the first yacht Mangusta, which crossed the Atlantic ocean. With the ability to reach speeds of 30 knots, in economy mode at 14-17 knots yacht has a range of more than 4000 miles.

The new design for the Mangusta Gran Sport line was developed by the designer Alberto Mancini. He was also responsible for the look of the Mangusta Oceano displacement with a length of 45-60 m with a hull of steel and superstructure of aluminum. Despite the fact that this is a fundamentally different class of yachts, not designed for speed records, in its light swift lines the heritage of Mangusta is recognized unmistakably.

Yachts "Overmarine Group/Mangusta" in sale

Mangusta Oceano 42
41.40 m
USA, Miami
21 500 000
Mangusta 110
33.77 m
7 500 000
Mangusta 108 Overmarine
2 100 000
Mangusta 72
22.17 m
899 000

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