Under its current name, the Dutch shipyard Moonen has been known since 1981, although it was founded almost 20 years earlier and was called De Ruiter. The production was located in the town of hertogenbos, where the first yacht was launched in 1963. Since then, Moonen yachts can be seen around the world — the shipyard specializes in the construction of "pocket megayachts" made of steel and aluminum: with the relative compactness of ships, their production is completely individual and is of the highest quality.

The change of ownership in 1981 changed not only the name of the shipyard, but also the approach to work: production began to expand, and yachts — to grow in size. In 1985, Moonen launched its first large boat — the 26-meter Cassiopeia S; that's when the concept of "pocket superyachts"was born. Another landmark for the shipyard boat — 24-foot White Heaven, 1992 buildings — highly advanced for its time technical solutions. And in 1998, Moonen completely renews the approach to design and builds its largest vessel at that time-White Heaven III with a length of 37 m.

Having celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2006 under the name Moonen Shipyards, the shipyard is again thinking about growth and attracting new customers. 2009 was marked by the opening of the second production site in Groot Ammers in the South of Holland, which allows to build yachts up to 50 m long. However, by 2014, due to the economic crisis, the shipyard is facing serious financial difficulties. The company's management is developing a new "game plan" and by 2017 the shipyard is reviving — with a new owner and a new name: Moonen Shipyards turns into Moonen Yachts. A new approach to design and the introduction of advanced technologies allowed Moonen to once again become one of the leaders in the segment of yachts with a length of 30-50 m. an Example of this is the 36-meter Brigadoon launched in 2018.

Today, when many manufacturers in this segment are moving to pre-designed "platforms" that allow you to build custom yachts based on one project, Moonen Yachts is still ready to take on the creation of completely individual vessels, starting with a clean slate and the wishes of the customer. However, the "platform" she also has: ready-made projects with a length of 30, 36, 42, 47 and 50 m for those who want to get their yacht faster. Nevertheless, absolutely all Moonen yachts are distinguished by the highest level of customization, not only in the interior, but also in the technical solutions, behind which stands the famous Dutch quality.

Moonen for many years specialized in the construction of displacement steel vessels — not fast, but with a large power reserve. However, later the shipyard began to build more high-speed vessels with an aluminum hull of the transition type. What really sets Moonen apart from its competitors is its strong brand identity: Moonen yacht is difficult to confuse with others, and not only externally. The rich production heritage and highly professional team of shipbuilders not in the first generation allow to create the real masterpieces of yachting art.

Yachts "Moonen Yachts" in sale

Moonen 72
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