A young but very successful Italian company Monte Carlo Yachts was founded at the peak of the 2008-2009 crisis as a luxury division of the French shipbuilding giant Beneteau Group. The shipyard, located in the North of Italy, in Monfalcone, near Venice, was intended for the construction of elegant flybridge yachts, perfect both aesthetically and technically. Launching this brand, Beneteau Group expected to eventually enter the superyacht segment, which happened in a fairly short time.

The secret of success, first, is large-scale investment in production at a time when other brands were more focused on surviving in economically unstable times. Secondly — the involvement of the legendary design Studio Nuvolari & Lenard, specializing in large custom yachts. Dan Lenard and Carlo Nuvolari immediately developed a whole line of models, finding a unique design solution for the new brand exterior, which made mcy yachts instantly recognizable against the background of competitors: unusual bull's eye portholes in the form of two intersecting circles. Another signature feature of Monte Carlo Yachts is the luxurious outdoor Seating areas on the bow deck: their configuration can be transformed depending on the situation.

The innovative approach to production allows to solve several problems at once. Any mcy yacht consists of two hulls — external and interior "capsule", which are connected at the final stage of construction. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the construction time, since both modules can be worked on simultaneously. The outer body is produced by vacuum infusion followed by thermostating, which accelerates the solidification of fiberglass without loss of physical and mechanical properties. The internal capsule allows you to abandon the ribs, which, while maintaining the strength characteristics of the body, increases the usable space, and a special layer between the bodies significantly reduces noise and vibration. In addition, Monte Carlo Yachts uses a new method of laying all communications: they are mounted not along the sides, but on the frame under the lower deck, which serves as a technical floor, which gives easy and quick access to all systems of the vessel and allows you to immerse the interior capsule deeper into the hull, winning additional volume.

The first yacht of the shipyard-MCY 76 was presented in 2010 at the Cannes boat show and over the next year gathered many prestigious international awards. The same story was repeated with each successive model: each year Monte Carlo Yachts presents one new product. The shipyard line starts with a 20-meter MCY65 and ends with a 32-meter MCY105. Monte Carlo Yachts plans to further increase the length of the models and the possibilities of their individualization. However, in all yachts MCY, from the very beginning and regardless of size, laid extensive for serial models of the choice of both interior decoration and equipment. This is another secret of Monte Carlo Yachts success, which allowed the shipyard to enter the markets of not only Europe, but also the USA, Asia and Australia in the shortest possible time: the dealer network of the shipyard covers almost all continents.

Yachts "Monte Carlo Yachts" in sale

Monte Carlo Yachts 86 (...
26.30 m
3 700 000
3 600 000
Monte Carlo 76
23.00 m
1 950 000
1 800 000
Monte Carlo 70
21.30 m
2 150 000