The German shipbuilding giant Lürssen, consisting of many shipyards, is now managed by the fifth generation of the same family. It began its history quite modestly in 1875, when 24-year-old Friedrich Lurrsen, having learned to shipbuilder, opens production

racing kayaks for paddlers of Bremen. However, soon he began to receive orders from all over Germany: the boats were famous for good quality and ease, and therefore were fast and could count on winning the competition.

In 1886 Friedrich, curious to everything new, building the world's first motorboat — a 6-meter REMS for Gottlieb Daimler that she needed to test her new engine. The engine capacity of less than half a liter and a weight of 60 kg were given the power of fifteen horsepower at 700 rpm. By 1904, the Lürssen shipyard for the first time has direct access to the sea, buying a new production area, and a year later do is building a racing boat with the speaker called Donnerwetter, which could accelerate to 35 knots with a 40-horsepower engine. In 1911-1912 the boat Lürssen-Daimler with the engine 102 l. C. it becomes a sensation of the racing season, winning many prizes, and the next — Saurer-Lürssen, created together with the Swiss engine manufacturer Adolf Saurer, sets an unofficial world record for the Prix de Monte Carlo race, showing an average speed of 32 knots.

Around 1924 the shipyard began to build yachts. Its fiftieth anniversary in 1925, the shipyard lürssen meets the construction of 10,000 on account of the vessel-14-meter wooden motor yacht, and a couple of years later launched the longest motor yacht of its time —36-meter AAR IV.

In both The First and Second world war, Lürssen built warships, ranging from patrol speedboats to anti-mine ships. However, even today a huge part of Lürssen's work is the military and commercial fleet.

After world War II, when Germany was allowed to build ships again, Lürssen gradually restored production. By the early 70s, megayachts enter the arena, and Lürssen creates Carinthia VI in collaboration with the now legendary John Bannenberg — for him it was the first big project. Since then, lürssen creations have been firmly at the top of the list of the world's largest yachts. In 1997, a 97-meter megayacht Limitless was created, and to really remove all restrictions in the construction of ships, the company continuously buys more and more shipyards and production facilities.

2015 was marked by the construction of the longest existing yacht in the world — 180-meter Azzam. This yacht also has other outstanding achievements-a speed of more than 30 knots and a record short construction time for such a vessel — 3 years. In 2016, Lürssen launches another record yacht - the largest in terms of displacement on the planet 156-meter Dilbar.

Today Lürssen works in three directions: creation of warships and special-purpose vessels; refit and re-equipment of vessels of any complexity and, of course, creation of yachts. Lürssen Yachts is the most important division of the company, and since the production facilities of Lürssen Yachts are located in the vicinity of Bremen directly on the coast, there are practically no restrictions on the size of ships under construction. Lürssen Yachts is working with the most famous designers of the superyacht world — Espen, Oeino, Tim Heywood, Andrew Winch, in combination with a variety of production technologies allows to build yachts of the incredible design and technical equipment. In the list of creations Lürssen-the largest and most famous yachts in the world: Pelorus (114 m), Octopus (126 m), Topaz (147 m), Rising Sun (138 m) Al Lusail (123 m) and many others, both above and below the 100-meter mark.

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