Heysea Yachts-the largest shipbuilding company in mainland China-was founded in 2007 near Macau, and today it is one of the youngest and fastest growing shipyards in the world. At first, Heysea Yachts was engaged in the development, production and sale of houseboats in Hong Kong. But soon I decided to reorient to yachts in a very wide range — up to 60 to 150 feet. The first models developed in 2008 were Heysea 60 and Heysea 78. A year later, the model Heasey 70 was released, after which the shipyard quite aggressively began to make its way into the world of superyachts.

Model Heysea 82, presented in 2011, brought the company success and significant sales — at that time it was the most popular size in the Chinese market. But at that time Heysea Yachts was already developing and building its first superyacht — Asteria 108, which was launched in 2012. Very high rates of construction allowed the shipyard to build 4 more hulls of this model in the shortest possible time, and in 2013 — to release another similar model Asteria 95.

At the same time Heysea Yachts demonstrates its growing ambitions in the global market of superyachts — in China the company has already won an unconditional leadership. In 2013, the development of the 42-meter catamaran project begins, the construction of which was soon signed a contract.

By 2016, the model range has expanded significantly and HeySea Yachts has started a large-scale expansion to the global yacht market, focusing primarily on the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and Oceania. The shipyard participates in yacht exhibitions in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney; soon it has dealers in South-East Asia and Australia; it also opens offices in Fort Lauderdale and Malta.

Since 2014, along with models Heysea length of 60-82 feet HeySea Yachts produces has become extremely popular series of motor yachts Zoom (58-76 f). The Asteria range, replenished with new yachts, has grown to 139 feet, and the sales of each of the models are already double-digit numbers. The superyacht was added a 35-meter project 115 Atlantic. And, of course, the company continues to build large custom-catamarans.

Without shortage of orders, HeySea Yachts launched more than 100 yachts in a very short period of time since the company was founded, hoping to reach 200 feet (60 m) in the coming years and continue further expansion into the world and, first of all, European and American markets.