Heesen Yachts-one of the largest Dutch shipyards specializing in superyachts — was founded in 1978, when entrepreneur Frans Hesen, bought the production area of the shipyard Striker Boats in the city of OSS, intending to upgrade them and do the shipbuilding. Just a year after this purchase, Heesen Yachts successfully launched its first yacht — the 28-meter Amigo, capable of reaching a speed of 26 knots. At the same time, in 1979, a yacht was built for the Sheikh of Kuwait — since then the name Heesen was already on the hearing in the international market.

1988 was very important for the future of Heesen Yachts. Shortly before that, the American entrepreneur John Staluppi ordered a yacht that could reach a speed of more than 50 knots at a length of 38 m! Heesen Yachts successfully coped with the task-Octopussy became the fastest superyacht in the world: it could accelerate to 53 knots. Subsequently, Octopussy was converted to another shipyard, making it longer, after which it lost its high-speed status. But Heesen built in 1991 on the same project and equipped with three water jet engines Mirage (formerly El Corsario) is also among the fastest yachts in the world, reaching speeds of up to 48 knots.

By the early 90s, Heesen's portfolio includes more than 25 large yachts and the reputation of one of the world's most respected shipyards specializing in custom projects. In 1990 with the construction of high-speed yacht Aquasition L (44 m) overcome a 40-meter mark Heesen, however, does not focus exclusively on the fastest boats. In 1992, the shipyard "grows" up to 50 meters, having built, together with another Dutch shipyard Oceanco, its first displacement yacht Achiever with a steel hull, which still successfully goes to sea.

1996 was marked by not the largest, but very interesting yacht Obsession (37 m). The name reflected its owner's passion for ... fishing. Obsession became the world's largest yacht of those years, specialized for sport fishing in very comfortable conditions and at high speed.

Heesen has a passion for rather radical projects in General. For example, launched in 2000, the displacement Alumercia (37 m) was intended for long and long journeys, although at that time no one thought about the Explorer yachts. On its account-more than 100 000 miles traveled in all corners of the world.

At the beginning of the XXI century Heesen significantly expands production, which allows to work on eight buildings at the same time, and one of the first begins the construction of custom yachts in the framework of pre-designed projects. Starting with buildings 37 and 44 m long, the shipyard subsequently offered about a dozen series in the range of 42-83 m of steel and aluminum. Many outstanding yachts have been built as part of these projects. Quinta Essentia (55 m, 2011) became the first yacht with a filled dock garage for tenders and water toys. Satori (50 m, 2011) has collected all imaginable international design awards. Many awards also received a semi-displacement Galactica Star (65 m, 2013), which with its rather big length is able to develop a speed of 29 knots. Finally, in 2016, the largest yacht to date, Heesen, the 70 — meter Galactica Super Nova, was built.

In total, more than 170 yachts have been launched since the Foundation of Heesen Yachts. Frans Hesen left his creation in 2012, but his dream to build exceptional innovative yachts to the strictest engineering standards has become a reality.

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