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Ferretti Yachts shipyard was founded in 1968, when brothers Alessandro and Norberto Ferretti, engaged in the trade of expensive cars, opened the company Ferretti Nautica for the sale of American boats Chris-Craft, deciding to try their hand at a promising yacht business. The market at that time was really promising — not by chance, it was in the mid-late 60s that many of the world's largest yacht brands were founded.

However, to sell other people's boats the Ferretti brothers quickly tired of it and they are thinking about creating a private yacht. The first of them-Khamsin, a 10-meter sailing — motor yacht with a wooden hull-debuted at the Genova boat Show in 1971 and was a great success. Later there was Altura 33-already with a body made of fiberglass, but the first exclusively motor yacht Ferretti was presented only in 1982.

In the 1980s Ferretti built different types of yachts — open, flybridge and specialized boats for sport fishing. Ferretti models of those times have changed the world of yachting in many ways, bringing innovations to it, without which it is difficult to imagine modern boats: a bathing platform, folding Windows between the cabin and the cockpit, an internal ladder from the cabin to the flybridge and much more. Later Ferretti Yachts first began to install large side Windows in the hull. At the same time purchased production facilities in Forli, on the East coast of Italy, near Rimini, where to this day is the headquarters of the company.

In the 90s, thanks to large investments in technical development, a large — scale engineering Department appeared, which subsequently presented a number of innovative and original solutions in the field of both design and seaworthiness of yachts-in many cases, they set new standards and set the direction of development of the entire yacht market. Nowadays, this engineering Department works not only for Ferretti Yachts, but also develops models of all brands included in the Ferretti Group. In addition to the flagship Ferretti Yachts, the group includes the shipyards Pershing, Itama, Riva, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line and Wally.

This variety of brands allows Ferretti Group to produce vessels of almost all types and sizes — from sports and high — speed to large steel superyachts — giving its flagship brand Ferretti Yachts the opportunity to focus only on one segment of the market-planing flybridge yachts serial construction. Ferretti's size range is from 40 to almost 100 feet. Larger custom yachts are built by Ferretti Custom Line division, which appeared in 1996. In his portfolio-planing yachts from 100 feet long and semi-displacement series Navetta with yachts from 28 to 42 m long. In its segment Feretti Yachts is among the undisputed world leaders: harmonious design with original architectural and stylistic solutions complemented by high quality construction and innovative know-how.

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Ferretti CL 94
1 190 000
Ferretti Custom Line Na...
2 700 000
Ferretti 800
24.69 m
3 800 000
Ferretti 731
22.68 m
1 750 000
1 700 000
Ferretti 630
19.96 m
1 350 000
Ferretti 620
19.00 m
45 000 000
35 000 000

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Feretti 590
Cabines: 3
18.33 m
from 18 200

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