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Dutch shipyard Feadship, having a long history, is, unlike many old shipyards not a family name. Feadship is an abbreviation for First Export Association of Dutch SHIPbuilders (the First export Association of Dutch shipbuilders). The Association was founded in 1949, when the economic situation in post-war Europe was very difficult. Few Europeans could afford a yacht, but overseas — in the US-sales broke records. To facilitate access to the American market, several Dutch shipyards decided to unite: a historic meeting at which the group was established took place in one of the Amsterdam cafes. Not all the original members stayed in the Association for a long time, as a result, the backbone of Feadship were two honored family shipyard: Royal Van Lent Shipyard (founded in 1849) and Koninklijke De Vries Scheepsbouw (1906). The third party was the Bureau De Voogt Naval Architects, engaged in the design of ships since 1913.

For the first time Feadship brand was presented in 1951 at the New York Boat Show, where orders for 3 yachts were immediately received. The American yachting audience was impressed by the quality of Feadship construction and the ability to work with steel: at that time in the United States this material for the creation of yachts was practically not used. With the receipt of new orders for such vessels, Feadship stops building wooden yachts (the latter — Souris II— launched in 1955) and finally moves to the hull of steel and aluminum, and among the customers there are people like Malcolm Forbes, for which in 1957 built the first of three yachts The Highlander. In the 60s, the company continues to grow and introduce unprecedented at the time innovations such as retractable fin stabilizers pitching. It was an era of new ideas in yachting: motor yachts acquire modern features and the ability to cross the Atlantic. By the end of the 70s Feadship already equips their vessels with satellite communication systems and builds at the time the giant 64-meter yacht Al Riyadh, which was the largest yacht the brand until 2002 And in the 80s in collaboration with John Bannenberg Sandutsa such legendary yachts as Azteca and Paraiso.

Nowadays, Feadship's production capacity allows the company to build superyachts up to 130 m long; each year the Feadship fleet is increased by 3-4 units. Feadship still builds only custom yachts for individual projects: its own design Bureau De Voogt Naval Architects allows you to implement the most daring ideas "from scratch". Since the beginning of the XXI century on Feadship yachts there are helicopter hangars under the deck, gas turbine units that allow huge yachts to reach speeds of more than 30 knots (Ecstasea, 86 m, 2009) and extremely unusual design solutions like nose-axes (Predator, 72 m, 2008). Among the biggest creations of Feadship are Anna (110 m, 2018), Symphony (101 m, 2015) and Faith (96 m, 2017).

The uniqueness of each yacht and the highest quality of construction determine one of the main features of Feadship — high residual value when sold on the secondary market. The company not only creates new vessels, but also actively engaged in refit: all yachts built by Feadship, still go to sea.

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