The Cantiere delle Marche Italian shipyard was founded in 2010 by experienced participants in the shipbuilding business, including the Cecchini family with their vast experience in the production of tankers and other commercial vessels. All of this, together with significant investments, allowed the young brand to immediately achieve impressive success. Located on the east coast of Italy in Ancona, the shipyard was created especially for the expeditionary yachts construction - a completely new segment of the yacht market at that time.

As a pioneer in the explorer manufacture, Cantiere delle Marche quickly became one of the twenty largest shipyards in the world, and lead the production of yachts of this type. In the segment from 30 to 43 m (100 - 140 ft), the shipyard produces more than half of the global explorer fleet.

Having started production with the Darwin Class line with a trawlers resembling design, the shipyard launched its debut 86-foot Vitadimare 3 yacht with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure: it is considered to be the first 100 percent explorer on the yacht market. Then Percheron, Stella di Mare, Granil and several more yachts in the range of 86 - 96 feet appeared. Afterwards, Cantiere delle Marche expanded its lineup and design styles, offering the Nauta Air series with a lightweight aluminum hull and steel Acciaio - for those who cherish the features of explorers, but prefer to get a classic shape yacht, rather than a brutal tug. In addition to serial models, the shipyard constructs customized yachts, and also developed the Flexplorer concept, which is characterized by the flexibility of functions and operating modes.

Regardless of the project, all Cantiere delle Marche expeditionary yachts have common basic characteristics: extremely strong and seaworthy hulls that allow to cruise in any waters, and a long cruising range (more than 5000 nautical miles). The autonomy of the younger models is particularly impressive: even the first, most compact Darwin Class 86-foot explorer had a transatlantic range. In Ennio Cecchini, one of the founders and CEO of the shipyard, words: “When we started this worderful adventure in the hardest time for our industry, we saw that a new generation of yacht owners looked for over engineered and reliable yachts built to the highest standards. That’s why we focused on owners who couldn't find what they looked for. We have filled a niche which became progressively a trend and became the first movers in the explorer vessel segment.”

Cantiere delle Marche yachts are not only reliable and seaworthy, but also have an excellent interior design - the very concept of a luxury explorer has become part of the success of the shipyard. The shipyard works with design stars such as Francesco Paszkowski and Tommaso Spadolini, offering not only a completely customized interior decoration for each yacht, but also a flexible layout of all decks, in accordance with the requests of the future owner. Another important feature of these yachts is the ability to carry a large “auxiliary fleet” on board - an abundance of water toys and large tenders.

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