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The name Baglietto is closely associated with two very different aspects of yachting — luxury superyacht and vodnomotornyy races. The long and interesting history of the shipyard began in 1854 in the Italian town of Varazze, where Pietro Balletto began to build boats and small fishing boats. A few years later, noticing the interest of the public to rest on the water, he switched to pleasure craft. In 1888 Baglietto built a yacht for Pope Leo XIII, and in 1906 the 22-meter Giuseppina — the largest motor yacht in the world at that time. It was equipped with an internal combustion engine, first assembled in Italy. At the same time Baglietto invents and builds the first prototype of the submarine wing, which allowed the son of Pietro Balletto — Bernardo and Giovanni Battista — to start cooperation with the Italian government in the production of airplanes and hydrofoils.

At the beginning of the First world Baglietto creates for BMC Italy torpedo crankcase MAS — outstanding in terms of strength, maneuverability and, of course, speed. Later these boats already in peace versions set records of a class: a level in 50 knots of the boat Baglietto took in 1936, and the world records of speed established in 1938 on water made a name of shipyard world famous. Continuing cooperation with the Italian Navy, port and financial authorities of the country required the creation of ships with unique characteristics, and Baglietto experience gained after the Second World war was embodied in the creation of motor yachts, in the hulls of which the previous developments of Mas boats were used. Baglietto yachts has already released a series of ever-expanding lineup. The most popular was the 16-foot model of Ischia, presented in 1959: for the first 9 years of production, the shipyard has built 84 of the housing! Baglietto is also credited with the invention of the flybridge, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern yacht design.

In the 80-ies of XX century Baglietto began to build yachts made of aluminum. The material is allowed to build yachts of the soft lines that identified the handwriting of the shipyard in the years ahead and to significantly increase the size of the vessels, giving rise to the development of the superyacht industry.

Nowadays, the name Baglietto is still a symbol of innovation. When in 2012 the shipyard became a part of Gavio Group, solid investments were made in the development of production. The huge production area of Baglietto In La Spezia includes, in particular, two 85-meter docks. The shipyard is able to build yachts up to 65 m long, and fiberglass is not used in principle-only steel and aluminum. In addition to fully custom built yachts, Baglietto offers 4 very different model ranges. MV series-open boats with water cannons, capable of speeds up to 60 knots. Fast Fly is a large planing yachts. V-line-vessels with vertical stem and displacement or transition type hull. And, of course, explorers: expedition yachts are gaining popularity and Baglietto could not stay away from the market trend.

The variety of types and styles of its fleet Baglietto owes not only to its vast experience in shipbuilding, but also to work with a variety of designers. The longest collaboration connects Baglietto with Francesco Pashkovski, but also many other names: Hot Lab, Horatio Bozzo, Akile Salvani ... without exaggeration, Baglietto can build almost any yacht: the work of the shipyard falls under the definition of custom to the fullest.

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