Shipyard "AMELS/DAMEN"

The names of Amels and Damen almost inseparable from each other. Amels family shipyard with more than a century of history and the largest shipbuilding concern of the Netherlands Damen became one in 1991, combining its heritage, technology and huge opportunities.

Amels was founded in 1918 in the North of the Netherlands, in Vlissingen — the historical center of Dutch shipbuilding since the XIV century. Founder Kees Amels built commercial ships at a small shipyard and taught the same from the age of 13 his son vibe, who eventually seriously developed the family business. If earlier the shipyard for decades produced wooden fishing boats and steel tugs, then it moved to the construction of large commercial vessels, becoming one of the largest shipyards in the Netherlands. By the early 1980s, Amels was thinking about the creation of yachts, and immediately large: in 1982 was launched 48-meter Katalina. However, not everything went smoothly: the shipyard changed several owners, including Donald trump, and in 1991 became part of the Damen Group.

Damen company was founded in 1927 by the brothers Damen and to this day, despite its global status, is a family business. The first 40 years Damen remained a small, though successful shipyard. In 1969, commer Damen, who inherited The company, proposed the concept of modular construction for the construction of ships. This technology, now known as Damen Standart, allowed to build faster, cheaper and better, which within a few years led the company to success and growth. In our day, Damen operates more than 30 shipyards, where the construction of commercial, military, rescue, work boats for different industries, and, of course, yachts.

Amels became the yacht division of the Damen Group and Commer Damen decided to apply the same model to the construction of yachts that had previously been successfully used for commercial vessels. Although the yacht market was initially not happy with this idea, practice proved the opposite. Developed "platforms" for the creation of large superyachts Amels Limited Editions became one of the most successful projects in the industry and an example for other shipyards. Since the introduction of this project, Amels has built and launched dozens of large superyachts ranging in length from 55 to 83 m of different series. With the highest level of customization, all of them were built in a fairly short time, which is a significant advantage for customers. Among them are such famous yachts as Here Comes the Sun (83 m, 2017), Lili (55 m, 2017), Volpini II (57.7 m, 2018), PLVS VLTRA (74 m, 2016) and many others created in cooperation with the best designers in the world. Along with Limited Editions, Amels shipyard is also building custom yachts. C Amels work such design stars as Tim Heywood, Andrew winch, Laura cessa and Raymond Langton.

Damen's experience in the construction of vessels for various purposes allowed Amels to open a new niche of the yacht market — the creation of explorers (SeaXplorer series) and superyacht support vessels. Support vessels can carry much larger tenders and helicopters, a lot of water toys and even submarines. They can accommodate offices, clinics, additional crew, pilots, specialists and staff. This solution not only gives yacht owners great opportunities for long crossings and exploration of remote areas where there is no yacht infrastructure, but also frees up space on the main yacht, making it much more comfortable.