The year of creation of Alexander Marine is considered 1978, when designer ed monk developed the first line of models for the company. However, the founder of the business Alex Chu began his activities in shipbuilding a few years earlier, deciding to build yachts at the shipyard in Kaohsiung — the southern city and the industrial cluster of the island of Taiwan. Today, it is one of the largest shipbuilding centers, which ranks seventh in the world in the production of yachts 80-100 feet long, but 40 years ago, when production was just beginning, Taiwanese yachts were not considered the best examples of engineering skills, although rightly valued for the strength of the hull. It was there that the first Alexander Marine yacht was built-a solid motor 50-foot Mark I of classic American design with a closed cabin, a flybridge, a high side and protected deck passages.

Over the next few years, the company has created a variety of ships — from yachts to trawlers, and in 1984 launched a custom-yacht Night Hawk, which at a length of 71 feet became the largest yacht at the time, built in Asia. By 1986, Alexander Marine had already doubled its production area; in 1998-received the prestigious ISO 9002 certificate, confirming the high quality of products, and in 2004 one of the first in the world introduced the method of vacuum infusion in the production of fiberglass hulls to improve their strength characteristics and weight optimization. In 2005, the shipyard crossed an important mark in shipbuilding, having built its first 100-foot yacht, and in 2011 began to cover the hulls of its vessels not with gelcoat, but with high-strength polyurethane "skin": the technology was taken from the aerospace industry. In 2014, the shipyard literally " blows up "the yacht market with the model Ocean Alexander 120 designed by Evan K. Marshall and enters the" club " of the best creators of superyachts in the world.

Today, the company is already under the name Ocean Alexander manages son Alex-John Chu, and officially it is based in the United States, near Seattle. Its production facilities in Taiwan and China in 2016 were supplemented by a new shipyard in the United States – on the island of Merritt in Florida. It is still a family-owned shipyard, focused mainly on the American market, but a lot of ocean Alexander yachts are sent to customers in Europe, Asia and Australia. John Chu continues his father's tradition, striving to offer the most versatile yachts, and experiments with new materials, designs and designs, cooperating with many well-known marine architects and designers of the world.

Today, the Ocean Alexander range includes large semi-serial models ranging in length from 100 to 155 feet of Evan Marshall design with a high level of customization. The Motoryacht series is a classic 70-90-foot-long design, and can be performed on a single hull with a flybridge or a glazed sky lounge on the upper deck. The R-series stands out for its unusual brutal appearance, and the Divergence line, specially designed for fishing and diving, has extensive possibilities of transforming the layout, individualizing both the appearance of the yacht and its technical equipment.