Shipyard "ADMIRAL CNL"

Admiral is the flagship brand of the Italian Sea Group, one of the largest corporations in the yachting industry. The history of the brand began in the 50s of the XX century in Lavagna, near Genoa, with the construction of wooden fishing boats. Subsequently, Aldo Ceccarelli-founder of the company and shipyard Cantieri Navali Lavagna (CNL) — switched to the production of high-speed at the time motor yachts under the brands Arcobaleno Super and President. The first of them was born in 1966, and by the mid-70s the length of the ships produced by the shipyard exceeded 30 m, despite the fact that the average length of the yachts at that time rarely exceeded 18 m.the Boats were equipped with powerful engines: one of the yachts built then — 34-meter Mau Mau — could accelerate to 32 knots.

Making speed and safety a priority, by the early 80's Cantieri Navali Lavagna is moving to the production of light alloy yachts. In 1982, the first Admiral yacht with a length of 23.5 m with an aluminum hull was born. For the construction of steel vessels in 2005, Cantieri Navali Lavagna merged with Cantieri T. Mariotti to form the joint venture Admiral Mariotti Yachts. One of the first fruits of this cooperation was the famous yacht Sea Force One (53.8 m, 2008).

Today Admiral CNL specializes in the creation of both aluminum and steel motor yachts, offering more than 30 models of different classes ranging from 37 to 145 m — planing (including water jet engines), semi-planing and displacement. More precisely, these are not models, but developed "platforms" that allow you to build custom yachts of different lengths within a particular purpose of the vessel, technical characteristics and design features. In addition to motor yachts, Admiral's portfolio includes two sailing series: composite Silent (24 m) and aluminum Wave with models ranging in length from 38 to 60 m.

The total number of all yachts launched since 1966 is relatively small — about 150 hulls, as each of them is built in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer. Having its own design center with a huge team of specialists in the field of design and engineering (only interior designers about 25 people), Admiral also collaborates with "external" designers, architects and studios, including Tim Heywood, Luca Dini, Philip Brian, Vripack, Uniellè Yacht Design, etc. Of the many famous yachts Admiral is worth mentioning 55-meter Quinta Essentia, launched in 2016; Explorer Planet Nine (73.2 m, 2018) and Ouranos (49.6 m, 2016).

Having joined the Italian Sea Group in 2011, the shipyard received new opportunities for development, and now its production facilities are located in Marina di Carrara, on the Tuscan coast between Viareggio and La Spezia. This is a unique platform that allows not only to build yachts, but also to perform any maintenance and refit work. The largest private dry dock in the Mediterranean allows receiving vessels up to 200 m long.