Shipyard "AB YACHTS"

Italian shipyard AB Yachts is one of the world leaders in the production of large sports yachts with water jet engines. Founded in 1992, this shipyard was the first among yacht manufacturers to use such propulsion systems on their vessels. In 2001 AB Yachts became part of the FIPA Group, which also owns the brand Maiora.

AB Yachts shipyard is located in the Tuscany region, in the city of Massa, between La Spezia and Viareggio — the historical centers of shipbuilding in Italy. 26 thousand square meters workshops and more than 80 thousand sq. m of outdoor space allow you to build the yacht efficiently, effectively and always meet the deadlines.

One of the most significant innovations of AB Yachts was the use of aerospace technologies in shipbuilding with its strict requirements in the field of temperature changes, noise and vibration. There are no bolts and other connection methods that transmit vibration to the interior elements in the yacht design. Instead, the latest composites, resins and adhesives are used. And the choice of water jet engines is due to the ability to develop high speeds (on different models of AB Yachts this figure varies from 46 to 58 knots) in safety and comfort. Compared with the shaft drive, water cannons are more efficient, easier to maintain and, due to the small rainfall, allow the yacht to go into shallow water.

The portfolio of AB Yachts includes serial models of yachts from 58 to 145 feet long, but the shipyard is able to build much larger vessels: custom-designed projects AB166 (50 m), AB200 (60m) and AB233 (71 m). Regardless of the length, the level of customization of each yacht is extremely high: not only the style of the interior, but also the layout of all the rooms and compartments of the yacht is developed individually.

AB Yachts also pays a lot of attention to after-sales service, offering its customers maintenance, storage, refit yachts, as well as urgent assistance in the process of operation. FIPA Group's service engineers guarantee that any technical problem on Board will be solved within 48 hours in the Mediterranean and within 72 hours worldwide, thanks to a developed partner network. The group also assists its clients with the management of the yacht, from crew recruitment to tax, certification, yacht registration and flag change services.