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The purchase of a large yacht is only the first and, of course, the brightest step. The task of Aberton Yachts management is to make ship ownership as transparent and simple as possible, giving a feeling of complete control and peace of mind in all situations, ranging from planning a trip to ending the relationship with the crew and controlling costs.

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Yacht management

Having bought a super yacht of one’s own is the first and definitely the brightest step. Yacht management by Aberton Yachts stands for transparency in managing a yacht, and our management team is there to handle the full spectrum of yacht operations. We adjust and tailor our services to save the Owner’s feeling of calmness and control - in any situation, from travel planning to crew hiring and costs regulation.

Yacht management quality system elaborated by Aberton Yachts can grant exact fulfillment and control of costs on such tasks as procurement, logistics, technical service. Years of experience in luxury yacht management allows to solve any arising tasks like alterations in the route, berths at best marinas, additional hiring and other.
Due to its wide partner network in the industry Aberton Yachts team can solve any technical, logistics and negotiations task. We are there for You 24/7, always on hand to supply equipment and spare parts, set up for service in a technical service center or be of help with legislative or marine norms of the chosen region of travel.
Aberton Yachts’s yacht management system corresponds to the highest standards of luxury service and thus ensures that the yacht is managed according to the highest criteria in the industry. We manage the costs on board, choose among best suppliers and employees, make audits of reports written by contractors, check the quality of ordered services and goods.
High crew selection criteria
High crew selection criteria
Aberton Yachts is a professional selection of crew. Based on the wishes and tasks of the ship owner, we carry out a preliminary selection of dozens of potential candidates from the Russian and international crew base.

At the next stage, we carefully check the track record and qualifications of all candidates, their recommendations from colleagues, communication and professional skills, personal qualities, negotiate financial expectations and many other issues. After checking the provided documents and conducting initial interviews, we give the owner a choice of several candidates for the finalists.
Kristina Falkone
Charter Manager
For each client charter, the yacht has two faces. One of them is its appearance, the beauty of the interiors, the layout of the vessel, various functional solutions and its equipment. And the second is her crew. From the perspective of experience, I will say that the second moment sometimes turns out to be decisive for clients who annually or often use charter services. The crew can sometimes give more than the active promotion of the yacht on the charter market.
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Kristina Falkone
Charter Manager
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Yacht Insurance

Many years of insurance experience
In yacht insurance, the most important thing is to find a balance between, firstly, reasonable savings and the choice of insurance products with a minimum deductible and, secondly, maintaining confidence in the positive outcome of the case with a potential occurrence of the insured event.

More than 15 years of practical experience in yacht insurance, working with the best European insurance companies and a clear understanding of the procedures and deadlines allow Aberton Yachts to guarantee maximum damage recovery and payment of benefits.
Choosing an insurance program
The client has the opportunity to choose insurance programs that match his current needs and style of owning a yacht. These may be one-time insurance programs, such as insurance for the period of storage in the slipways or insurance of individual elements of the vessel.

Package insurance programs can start from standard programs covering the period of the yacht's stay and operation on the water - up to the analogue of full "hull insurance" protecting the vessel from any damage and also providing protection to third parties from possible damage from the owner of the yacht.
Choosing an insurance program

Ship Registration (flagged)

Aberton Yachts has extensive practical experience in legal support of clients' transactions from the Russian Federation, CIS countries and the European Union. We offer a full range of legal services: drawing up and auditing international treaties, supporting and conducting transactions, legal support for settling agreements between the seller and the buyer, opening companies, including offshore, to be flagged in various states, assisting in obtaining the necessary documents for registering a vessel in different jurisdictions.

Ship transportation

Worldwide transportation
Aberton Yachts cooperates with the world's largest carriers and logistics companies and delivers yachts both from shipyards of Holland, Spain, Great Britain, and from any water area or marina to a customer-defined location worldwide. Our experience allows us to carry out multimodal and combined transportation of even large yachts not only in the Russian Federation or in the Mediterranean, but also to Southeast Asia, Australia and South America. For yachts up to 60 feet, it is common to transport special cargo trucks by land, depending on the destination, for the large fleet most often “water-to-water” (loading-unloading) and then on their own.
Oversized transportation
Every year, Aberton Yachts carries out dozens of shipments of oversized and very large vessels. If the yacht follows the sea from the water area of ​​the European Union in the water area of ​​other countries, we solve the issues of customs settlement and registration in the new port. When organizing transportation by land, we take on such tasks as arranging export documents and customs clearance, receiving international and, if necessary, Russian special permits for transporting particularly large cargo, formalizing the route and ordering special support for oversized and especially large transport.
Tatiana Kryuchkova
Manager of logistics
The logistics department of Aberton Yachts carries out all types of transportation of yachts - motor transport by land, on ships by water, on their own with the provision of a team and combined with an overload. Our contractors are the world's largest carriers specializing in the transportation of water equipment. All shipments are insured for the full value of the vessel being transported.
Transportation of a large vessel
Transportation of a large vessel
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Tatiana Kryuchkova
Manager of logistics
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