Construction of motor yachts

The decision to build your own yacht does not come immediately. It is preceded by years of owning a yacht, experience of charter travel, stay on board as a guest. Gradually, detail by detail, a set of key preferences and a prototype of the “ideal” - for themselves, yachts, is being formed.
Abetron Yachts not only has its own staff of specialists in construction and technical supervision, but also provides a full range of services for the design and construction of yachts from the moment the idea arises to the transfer of the finished yacht to the customer. We cooperate with all famous shipyards.
Cooperation with Aberton Yachts provides technical and creative freedom of action for the implementation of the client’s project.
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Building a new yacht is an amazingly interesting and deeply involving process on creating a beautiful yacht from a scratch. A future owner will get all-embracing support alongside all the stages: identification and discussion of the main idea, negotiating and choosing best variants among projects with full technical and financial assessments – starting with choosing a shipyard and design conception and ending with details and accents of the interior, contemporary electronic devices on board and customized preferences.

The multistage process of building a new yacht resembles a journey across all the latitudes with an experienced team.


Technical refit implies the process of repair and renewal of any hydraulic, mechanic and electric system of a vessel, installation of additional windows, hatches, cranes or additional equipment.

In practice any refit is either a comprehensive one, or has some mixed features with the interior refit. Thus the quality requirements for the personnel and the capacities of a technical service center get even higher.


Interior refit is most commonly the one of an aesthetics intention and is destined for visual renewal and artistic beauty of the vessel -without involving changes in the layout. Producing custom-made and made-to-order furniture, renewing teak decks, reorganizing new layouts of living spaces, creating new interior designs… — we offer interior refit services at our own three service centers as well as at the best workshops specialized on yachts up to 90 meters in Italy, Greece and Turkey.

In our work on the construction of the yacht, we proceed from the wishes of the future Owner and the outcome of the discussion of the project. Then we negotiate with several shipyards and give recommendations and suggestions based on the availability of hulls, delivery dates and construction conditions.
Kristina Falkone
Charter Manager
Building a yacht of 25 meters or more is already a completely different approach than just technical acceptance of the yacht at the shipyard. The specified length of the hull is certainly an approximate value, but the depth, responsibility and timely monitoring of all stages of construction are absolute and critical to the final result.
We carry out an audit of the project proposed by the shipyard and / or the naval architect, and we ensure the regular presence of surveyors in production.
We cooperate with all famous shipyards
We carry out an audit of the project proposed by the shipyard and / or the naval architect, and we ensure the regular presence of surveyors in production.
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Этапы строительства

Max Ryabenkov
CEO | Senior Broker
Building a yacht is somewhat like traveling across all breadth with an experienced team - the team requires maximum professionalism, the future Owner needs to know the goal and trust.
If both of these requirements are met, excellent results are guaranteed.

Out latest projects

32.00 m
2 x 2.200 л.с. MTU 16V 2000 M86

Яхта передана клиенту в июне 2019 года. Судно получило имя "ATLANTIC".
Владелец судна принимал самое активное участие в составлении списка и компоновке исключительно сложной электронной и мультимедийной начинки.

M/Y By request
32.98 m
2 x MAN V8 1000 hp
The yacht is built in Viareggio in 2016 by the Benetti shipyard. For the interior furnishing the Owner has chosen warm hints of onyx and amber wood to create cozy home atmosphere on board. On the mail deck there is a dining room with a bar, a big lounge zone and the master cabin in the bow. The upper deck is dedicated to the main relaxation zone with a huge screen and first-rate audio and sound surround system.
M/Y By request
24.12 m
2 x 1000 hp MAN V8 (shaft line)

This motorboat is built according to completely individual design project and has crucial construction and layout changes of its lower deck. The master cabin and the walk in wardrobe are extended to the maximum and the width of the bathroom equals the full width of the hull. There have been added all the possible technological options and the furniture has been designed exclusively for the yacht as contrasted with standard variants from the shipyard.

Special semi-displacement hull with the ultimate run up to 1000 nautical miles.

M/Y By request
40.24 m
2 X MTU 12V 2000 M72 1448 mhp

Today the megayacht is known under the name "Hemabejo", but after the construction was completed its name used to be "Saladus". It was built by the company Azimut Yachts Georgia at the Benetti shipyard in 2014, with the hull BS003. MCA classification, gross register tonnage - 346 t. Her interior is laconic and uninterrupted with elements of black marble in her heads and a Jacuzzi tub on the flybridge.

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